Our passion is manufacturing fine pieces of jewellery using gold, silver or platinum. As for design, the sky is the limit! Elegant or contemporary, we enjoy the challenge!

The first stage in creating your ring is for us to listen to what you would like, from there we can offer suggestions on settings and what materials would best suit your design.
We will then create a picture form drawing of your design for you to see, once you are happy which your design we will start with the creation.
David Gill has an extensive range of diamonds for you to choose from, with his expertise he can help in finding the perfect one for you. You don't have to have a diamond of course - David can use whatever you would like.

We'll then fabricate the materials into a gold bar using steel plates. From this the gold is formed into a workable medium. The band is then created from the gold and the setting formed to hold the diamond. Platinum is also introduced to enhance the brilliance of your diamond, also adding strength and security, in this case a 'rub-over' setting is being used, and this is the most durable of settings holding the diamond firmly in place.

The individual pieces are all fused together using extreme heat in a process known as soldering. This is the exciting stage where you can come in and view your ring 'coming to life' during its production. It is an important time to consult with David and discuss if you would like any alterations to your design.

Finally, your diamond is set, the ring polished and your very own unique handmade ring is completed.

This one is now a stunning bezel set ring, handmade in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum. Set with a round, modern, brilliant diamond cut.

It is then appraised by an independent gemologist's valuation and you receive two appraisal certificates - one to keep at home and one for your insurance agent.