About Us

David Gill, a father of three, has dedicated a lifetime to the jewellery manufacturing trade. He began his apprenticeship in 1979 working for a well established firm in Lower Hutt, then went on to spend a year working for Stewart Dawson before finding a place in Auckland Coin and Bullion. There he learnt the valuable arts of gemology, antique jewellery restoration and refined his skills in the fine jewellery and manufacturing industry.

In 1988 he left to open his own business 'David Gill Jewellery' and with over 20 years skill under his belt has established himself as one of the finest jewellers in New Zealand.

David Gill Jewellery is one of the few establishments in Wellington, which repair and manufactures all on the same premises. What makes him different from any other is his honest, personal and witty approach to you that always gets you coming back for more!